Railway transport and freight, operation of railway sidings
Provision of means of transport, fleet management
Logistics and consulting, optimisation of transport processes


Railways and Rail Transport Operation

Operation of railways in accordance with the Railway Act, rail transport operation on routes of national and regional railways and sidings. Since 2008, the company has also been a licensed carrier in Slovakia.

Provision of Means of Transport and Railway Carriage Rental

Provision of means of transport is a service in which our company provides a locomotive, including fuel, from its own locomotive pool with a professionally qualified crew for the intended type of performance (siding service, railway service). Under the Railway Act, the Carrier is the customer throughout the duration of the performance of the means of transport. At the customer's request, we will rent or arrange the rental of railway carriages.

Forwarding Services

Our company will provide any transport of goods within the European Union and other European countries in cooperation with our partners and their cooperating carriers, with the possibility of securing the required number of railway carriages corresponding to the transport required with its structure and mode.

Comprehensive Operation of Sidings

Nowadays, railway and rail transport operations are a fairly complex matter in terms of the legislative and technical requirements. Many organisations see this area as a necessary evil, while on the other hand securing these activities through a specialised company may bring only the constantly desired cost savings.

Optimisation of Siding Operations

Review of the existing mode of servicing siding areas of industrial companies with recommendations to increase their performance, both in the restructuring of the operation itself as a whole as well as its parts in close relation to production. These issues are closely related to the area of keeping records and evaluating operating performance, including connection to the client's accounting system.

Consulting services

Provision of consulting services in the field of transport.

Promotional Hot Air Balloon Rides

Arranging advertising and promotion through hot air balloon rides across a suitable area of the Czech Republic, including ensuring advertising printing (banner approx. 6 x 8 m) on the balloon.